When Passion Meets Pain

I am certain that everyone has feelings,, it’s just that some mask their feelings better than others. Some, I believe,, hide their feelings so deeply that they may never surface. I believe that traumas are nothing more than repressed pain and emotions that are never fully expressed.

I am also certain that humans experience passion,, an emotion that encompasses joy and happiness. I see it in children when they are given toys, candy or just a good parenting lesson and reassured that they are worthy and loved.

So what happens when passion meets pain? I don’t know exactly, but I can tell you this,, just for me, just for today,, my passion to overcome my pain is incredible and the passion of living takes over.

I also observe that for some, the pain is so great that true passion is never recognized or it is so deeply repressed that they never experience true joy,, only repressed memories of pain temporarily relieved.

Why is therapy important? For me, it helps rewire the brain and allow me to experience new experiences not shaded by past memories of pain. Peace.


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