Can We Therapy Ourselves To Better Health?

I suppose that there are a lot of people out there who say therapy is okay, but there is such a thing as too much therapy. I suppose that’s true, although I haven’t met anyone who has actually oded on therapy.

Anyway, just for me today, the truth is my health is getting better from the new therapy I’m trying. It’s unique, it’s different and certainly not traditional. So, if caveman bring fire and the natives get restless, does caveman not get better?

What I mean is this, sometimes, when a new and different treatment regiment is brought into the community, it is usually laughed at by those who have the most to lose. If there were a way to have no medicine and better health through therapy or if you prefer, physical exercise, then the large corporations who manufacture pills would cry the loudest.

Perhaps that is why there is not much effort in combating obesity,,, hell, there’s a pill for that little thing called diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. So why bother,, why not get real unhealthy and then just take pills? There are pills to put you to sleep, pills to wake you up, pills to stay harder longer, (why aren’t there any women horny pills)? So who needs to undergo any physical or mental exercise anyway?

Just take a pill. Just take a pill.

Anyway, exercise helps,, so does calming the central nervous system, (therapy). Peace from one of those who do not want to take pills all the time.


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