Perry Mason Didin’t Have To Fight Gianormus Law Firms

I grew up watching and admiring Perry Mason,, Della Street and Paul Blake. I imagined my “law office” would be something like that and I would always take high-profile murder cases.

Well, dreams don’t always come true,, or do they? Anyway, in my imaginary law office, I win my cases and I always thought that the bad guys just blurted out the confessions and set my clients free. It’s not necessarily that way today, but a hell of a lot of the times, police officers do tell the truth and the jury then rescues my client from the perpetrators.

So, in a civil case, most of the time insurance companies are represented by those who have power and money,, usually the mega law firms of several members of even hundreds of lawyers. The amount of trees those fuckers can kill in one day is amazing, yet they continue to paper their opposition to death. As a young lawyer, I am thinking that if I make these guys work hard,, I will win and get their respect.

As an older lawyer, I know that making them work hard means putting money in their pocket, not mine. It used to be that those gianormus law firms would make their money and then settle with you and both of you would make money. Not today,, those gianormus law firms just bill their clients to death and never offer anything to you to settle the case.

So, it goes to trial,, if the judge doesn’t throw out the case on one of many motions the gianormus law firms file to dismiss the case. Anyway, back to the story line,, Perry Mason never had to deal with these mega firms. It would drive him crazy and he would need several assistants, several junior partners and several secretaries.

I wonder if Perry would do insurance defense work or if he would do plaintiff’s work,, if he were alive today?

In the end, remember the paperwork is what gianormus law firm wants to generate,, not a settlement for your client. Peace.


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