Does Shame Run Our Entire Belief System?

I’m kinda curious,, does shame run our entire belief system? I mean if we weren’t held enough as a child or nurtured as a child,, does that create a person who is shame based?

If it does, does that mean that every person has either some healthy shame, (humility) or toxic shame, (numberous technical words like narcissist, addict, alcoholic, sexual addiction,, and on and on)?

If one has so damn much toxic shame,, if there is such a thing,, then is one forever flawed?

I only ask because maybe, just maybe the criminal element is deeply shamed and is doing nothing more than acting out these roles that they are taught.

Anyway, if you have this so-called toxic shame,, can it ever be broken?

I can only say that I go to therapy,, do you?



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