And So Is Fox News Our New God?

Is Fox News a new god for the masses? Does everyone listen to those who won’t be “fair and balanced”? I often wonder if those who are politically correct are what is best for the country?

I mean,, everyone is knocking the “African-American” Harvard educated leader, because his policy will cause great harm to businesses and certainly,, his very policies will “allow the death option” for all those precious grandmother’s of ours. How can we allow that?

I mean really, what about King George and the real leader of our country,, Dick Cheney? Didn’t that stock market crash under Dick’s leadership? Now,, isn’t it back to damn near what it was?

So, is the new god Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly, or Sean Hannity? What about that half god,, Anderson Cooper? What ever happened to free thought? Do the new gods allow that?

How come we can’t see those gods of TV actually debate an individual without yelling at him or her? Calling them ridiculous,, really dumb?

I guess those damn liberal TV stations and news media are the reincarnation of Satan and we can’t ever believe anything except what Rush Limbaugh says?

How is it possible that America ever elected someone other than a war loving, insurance company loving president? One that values the corporate bottom line rather than human life and the quality of living in our great country?

How is it possible that American’s go without medicine and health treatment,, yet we must protect the corporate bottom line?

I wonder,, is Fox News our new god?



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