In Houston And I Can’t Sleep

Well, I’m back in Houston and I can’t sleep. It’s no wonder why I’m tired,, I have insomnia or some disorder that tells me I must stay up and do something. I suppose that this is a carryover from my childhood and it probably affects my ability to get things done.

I used to get anxious and couldn’t sleep a long time ago when I am married to my ex. I find that sleeping in separate bedrooms made it a little better, but for whatever reason, she does not want to go away.

I am really working on discovering myself this last 2 years and still want to know whether or not I’m making any progress. I feel I am, but there are days when I feel really bad and then the lack of sleep kicks in and guess what,, I’m back to getting only 1 – 2 hours a night.. sometimes 4.

I often wonder if the restlessness comes from not being grounded or if it comes from some deep dark recess of my being, but it comes and seems to be the strongest when I’m uncomfortable with myself.

I wonder if my core issues are issues I am willing to examine, or if they will forever haunt me,, but the truth of the matter is this,, I’m in touch with them and beginning to really sit in them.

I suppose that many people in this world never examine themselves,, never take the opportunity to really look into what makes them tick or what makes them who they are,, I only know I do.

So, in the end,, is it no sleep or is it self-examination until I finally meet that person who occupies my body? Peace.


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