Court and Therapy

I don’t know about you, but I’m damn tired of hearing what seems to be the same DA or civil insurance defense lawyer saying over and over and over again the words that only they know.

I continue to hear them on a daily basis until I’m ready to recite them in my sleep. It usually beings with something referring to my client as a horrible, awful, despicable, retched thing,, second only to a slug and then continues with how society is better off because they rid our tribe of those “things” that are so horrible that they deserve a medal.

I no longer argue with them,, I just beat the hell out of them in trial.

Anyway,, people are people and even those damn DA and insurance defense lawyers are people. I’m not mad at them,, I’m just tired of hearing the same old script.

I would think that at some fine school,, the professors would learn to discourage this behavior, but they don’t. They encourage it.

So in the end,, those “lawyers” believe they are entitled to rewards because they set public policy,, instead they forget the humanness of all.

I just say this,, in life as in law,, remember to reverse roles and quit preaching.



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